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Why Meagan Good Stopped Cooking As Much For Her Husband


When Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin tied the knot, she wined and dined her man to keep him happy. But as duty called the actress back to set, her time away from home taught them each a valuable lesson about what they each bring to the table and their marital expectations for one another. 

In the final episode of Black Love Doc on OWN, the couple explains that when they first married Meagan did a lot of cooking but having homemade meals prepped and present on their kitchen table started happening less frequently and it’s something DeVon noticed quickly. 

“She pulled the rug from beneath me [because] she started cooking and stuff and then it’s like hey, the meals are few and far between, then there’s no food at all, then I had to go fend for myself,” he said jokingly. 

The couple wed in June 2012 and Good left to began filming the now-cancelled NBC drama Deception soon after. 

“Let’s put this in perspective,” the 36-year-old began. “When we got married, I was never really the cook for anyone kind of person, I was more of a order in person, food person, so I cooked for that time and then I went away to film the show which was about six months and when I came back I was exhausted. You know you’re doing 18 hour days 5 days a week and you’re in every single scene for six months straight, you don’t want to do nothing for about six months straight.”

The producer and pastor, who was raised by a village of women including his mother and sisters, said he and Meagan both learned a valuable lesson from one of his aunts. 

“One of my aunts said, ‘don’t ever start something that you can’t finish. However you start out is how you want to end up,’” Franklin shared, to which Good admitted, “And I did learn that, that was a very good lesson.”

Black Love Doc airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on OWN. 


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