When Mary J. Blige said she wanted no more drama in her life, she meant it. 

In her first real public acknowledgment of her messy divorce since initially filing in July of 2016, the singer is opening up to Power 105.1’s Angie Martinez about the moment she knew something wasn’t right with her marriage.

In her own words, the ESSENCE Fest 2017 headliner said that at a point, she and Kendu Issacs’s union was too full of “overwhelming disrespect.” 

“Just the disrespect,” she shared with Martinez. “You’re too familiar and you’re way too familiar and you’re disrespecting me and I can sense that I’m not what you want anymore because now you start throwing questions around like, ‘why you not cooking?’ Well I haven’t been cooking. ‘Why you don’t wear your hair like this?’ I’ve never worn my hair like this before, what’s up with you? You start to realize this man doesn’t want you and he’s just gone all the time and you’re by yourself in the relationship.

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There came a point in time when Blige said she was the only one present in her marriage.

That alone time forced her to do her due dilligence and start digging around some. What she uncovered convinced her that it was time for her to part ways with her former manager, whom she once swapped vows with during an intimate at-home ceremony in December 2003

“When you realize you’re by yourself in the relationship and you’re just suffering through it, now it’s time to do some investigating,” she added before saying. “But when I got the full proof, I didn’t have to investigate, it just showed up.”


Listen to Mary J. Blige’s full interview on The Angie Martinez Show on Power 105.1 or iHeart radio when it airs Thursday, March 30 at 4 pm.


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