Photographic Proof That No One Does Baecations Quite Like Ludacris And His Wife Eudoxie

When it comes to jetsetting in the name of love, Ludacris and his wife, Eudoxie, always do it right.

Lauren Porter Aug, 31, 2017

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Life and love for these two is full of well-deserved luxury.

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When Luda has his wife beside him, he has the perfect co-pilot!

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Vacations between these two are definitely hot and steamy!

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Wine? Check. A beautiful backdrop? Check. The love of you life? Check, check, check!

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For Eudoxie, time spent with her Mr. Forever is always time well spent, especially when kisses are involved!

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Now this is how you relax!

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Eudoxie is holding on tight, she's never letting go of this love and we don't blame her!

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Everything about this photo is goals on goals! The beach, the sand, the sky, the pose. Yes to it all!

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We bet that the Mr. and Mrs. could spend all day like this and all would be right in their world.

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Their vacations are seriously post-card picture perfect!

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Seriously? Can you too stop being so darn cute!

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Who needs Netflix when you can just chill?

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Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall, these two make vacations year-round look amazing.

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Looking back at the past, always headed towards the future. That's how you do it!

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Life has it's ups and downs but when you work together, you can always weather the storm...and make it look this good!

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When your love lifts you up like this, you've got to hold them down forever and always!

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Luda will always know that Eudoxie has his back.

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Before welcoming their daughter Cadence, the happy couple enjoyed all that life had to bring!

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This is a "make a wish" kind of love, the kind you pray for!