15 Sweet Photos Of Steve Harvey's Stepdaughter Lori Harvey And Her Fiancé Memphis Depay

Young lovers Lori Harvey and her fiancé, Dutch soccer star Memphis Depay, are super cute.

Lauren Porter Jul, 19, 2017

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In June, the 23-year-old soccer phenom got down on bended knee to ask the 20-year-old to be his forever. She said yes of course!

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It's like these two were designed to just shut it all down!

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In the summer months, you grab bae and simply slay. Enough said!

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Lori is holding tight to her man and no one can blame her!

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When Memphis looks at his future Mrs, it's definitely with heart eyes!

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When you find someone to match your fly, you definitely keep them close!

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This love is definitely picture perfect and beyond!

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Even when they're just kicking it, it's obvious that these love birds are downright divine.

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Memphis has a jacket with his love Lori's face on it. That's love!

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Memphis is definitely Lori's biggest fan and the photos are proof!

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When you're around the one you love, you can't help but beam with pride!

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With faces full of love and happiness, these two can't help but find joy with one another!

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No one can deny that these two look just amazing together!

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No matter where they are, as long as they're together everything is alright and that's the way it should be!

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Date nights near the Eiffel Tower are never a bad idea.