11 Super Sweet Photos Of LeToya Luckett And Her Fiancé

The singer and her Dallas businessman beau Tommicus Walker make an adorable couple.

Lauren Porter Aug, 22, 2017

Now that we know the beautiful story of how LeToya Luckett met her man, we can’t get enough of their love.

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When you're having the best time ever with the one you love, nothing else really matters.

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LeToya's beach is definitely better with her fiancé by her side.

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These two and their coordinated hats are simply the cutest!

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These Texas natives are certainly ready for love!

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When baecation looks this good, life is even better.

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When LeToya and Tommicus first met, he had now idea that she is who she is. Their bond was born from faith and love. That's special.

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Sweet kisses from his future Mrs? Life is amazing for the soon-to-be groom!

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In the desert with the one you love? Sign us up!

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The future looks bright for the love birds!

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Even when these two are casual, they are still cute!