LeToya Luckett and Her Husband Are On An Exotic Honeymoon and The Photos Are Everything

Lauren Porter Dec, 21, 2017

Married life looks so good on Mr. and Mrs. Walker!

After tying the knot on December 10th in a lavish ceremony in Texas, newlyweds LeToya Luckett-Walker and Tommicus Walker are honeymooning in The Maldives and Dubai. And, in case you haven’t noticed, they came to slay. Their living it up in the exotic locales and sharing amazing photos along the way.

These are our favorites so far!

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Look up lovebirds and say cheese!

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The new Mrs. traded in her little black dress for a little black bikini and my, my, my she looks so divine! 

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The singer sure is lucky--and in love! 

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Get it girl, LeToya is enjoying this married life!

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Whew, these two love to keep it steamy and they look oh so good while doing it! 

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Well you better slay, LeToya!!

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There's no better way to see the world than next to the one you love!

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LeToya is definitely gone with the wind fabulous on her honeymoon!

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Aren't the Walkers just picture perfect?!

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LeToya certainly does have the glow of love!

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As long as LeToya is wrapped up in Tommicus' love, we're sure she has all she needs. 

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Hand holding and walking through the sand. Now this is a dream come true!

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There is no hiding the fact that the newlywed is definitely in L-O-V-E!

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The bridal glow definitely hasn't worn off on LeToya!

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Happiness on a honeymoon has these too looking spectacular!