Kelly Rowland And Tim Weatherspoon Living Their Best Love Lives

The notoriously low-key couple are head over heels in love as they celebrate another year of marriage.

Lauren Porter May, 10, 2017


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Sweet kisses from his favorite lady. Tim is living the good life!

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No one can deny that this love is award-worthy!

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Kelly and Tim are definitely sitting pretty in the White House!

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After tying the knot in 2014, the couple welcomed their son Titan Jewell in November of the same year. We hope their baby boy knows he has the dopest parents around!

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Even their candids are too cute!

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Don't mess with Kelly and Tim--they are the cool kids on the block!

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With Tim leading the way, Kelly is always in good hands.

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The couple was on hand to help Beyoncé celebrate her Soul Train themed 35th birthday bash. Of course they brought nothing but love to the grand event!

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This look is means nothing but bliss!

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Strike a pose with bae so they know it's real!

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When the selfies with the one you love look this good, you know you've made it!

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If date night looks this good on these two, sign us up!

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Even in black and white, there love is more bright and vibrant than ever!

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Kelly is one lucky lady--especially when she's snuggling with her man!

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Tim shared this throwback of he and Kelly from 2007. In the 10 years since this photo was snapped, these two haven't aged a day!

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Dressed to perfection, these two know how to shut the down town with their love!