13 Times Kandi Burruss And Todd Tucker's Sweet Love Was Picture Perfect

Lauren Porter Sep, 25, 2017

ESSENCE October cover star Kandi Burruss and her husband of three years, TV producer Todd Tucker, are madly in love, and it shows in every photo they take together. These are a few of our favorites.

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It doesn't look like either Kandi or Todd is letting go. Now that's love!

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Kandi and Todd sealed their love with a kiss on their wedding day, April 4, 2014.

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It wasn't even Halloween when these two dressed up in the name of love for an unforgettable party!

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The Tuckers know how to dress up and make it look oh-so good!

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When Kandi and Todd baecationed in Africa, their love was the cutest thing in all the land.

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Flying through the skies, Kandi and Todd are always taking their union to new heights.

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To celebrate Todd's 44th birthday, Kandi threw him a JAY Z themed "4:44" party to remember. That's love!

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No one hustles harder than these two lovebirds.

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Kandi and Todd might as well be ATL royalty!

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When you've found the love of your life, you'll always be happy with them by your side.

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We have a feeling this union will last forever because look how cute they are!

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In the city of love, these two are locked in!

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Because Valentine's day is for lovers, these two know how to keep a smile on each other's faces to toast the day.