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Jordin Sparks Reveals The Details Behind Her Surprise Wedding and Her Wish For Their Unborn Child

Jordin Sparks Reveals The Details Behind Her Surprise Wedding and Her Wish For Their Unborn Child
Rob Kim/Getty Images

As the holiday season approaches, newlywed Jordin Sparks is celebrating her biggest gift of all —soon-to-be motherhood. 

The star announced in November that she and her husband, Dana Isaiah, are expecting a baby boy who is due spring 2018 and she’s over the moon about bringing new life into the world. 

“Are there higher clouds than nine? Because I think I’m on those,” she told ESSENCE with glee. “It’s been really amazing. Man there’s so many things that I could say. My face hurts from smiling so hard!”

Sparks and Isaiah surprised everyone by tying the knot while on a trip with friends —where one of her friends became ordained for them to exchange vows. The singer said she and the 25-year-old just knew the moment was right and decided to say “I do.” 

“We knew that it was going to be each other, and that was the only way I know how to describe it to you. And so we were just like, ‘Okay, if the spirit moves, then that’s what’s going to happen.’ And so we went to Hawaii, and my friend Morgan, she got ordained, and we did the ceremony there, and that’s what happened.”

While the former American Idol winner anxiously awaits meeting her son, her biggest hope for him is that he always remains true to his values. 

“My prayer would be that he would grow up to be kind and empathetic and strong in the areas he needs to be strong in, but soft in the areas that he needs to be soft in. And I don’t mean ‘soft’ like weak, I mean soft like he’s able to relate to other people, be empathetic to other people’s situations, have sympathy for others, do right. That would be, and is my prayer for him in this crazy world that we’re living in.”

Sparks is heavily involved with philanthropic endeavors, including U.S. Cellular’s The Future of Good campaign that invests in youth who are doing good in their communities. 

“This program is actually really cool and innately in my heart,” Sparks said. “I’ve always been about encouraging students and people to be inspired to go out and [make] change.”

Now through December 31st, the public is encouraged to visit TheFutureofGood.com and nominate youth in their communities who are making an impact. Three young humanitarians will receive $1,000 to be put towards their causes.

As for her little one, the 27-year-old and Isaiah definitely have names picked out, but mums the word until their bundle of joy gets here. 

“We do have names, but we’re not telling!”