11 Times Jordin Sparks and Her New Boyfriend Were All Of Us

Jordin Sparks has a new bae making her blush, and honestly, we can't blame her. Here are all the times she and her boyfriend Dana Isaiah were super cute.

Lauren Porter Jul, 25, 2017

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Baecation is in full effect for these two and we are so here for them soaking up the sun together.

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With Dana by her side, Jordin is certainly floating on love and we can't blame her!

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When you can sneak smooches in, life is always grand.

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Just two big kids living out the very best of love.

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Date night with Jordin and Dana means you rock semi coordinated outfits and look damn cute cuddled up next too each other.

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Who doesn't love making goofy faces with the one they love?!

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With their relationship in full bloom, these two can't keep away from each other!

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You know, they say couples who lift weights together, lift love together. Well not really but if they did then Jordin and Dana are the best example of it!

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Love should always look this good and this fun!

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Seriously, how do these two look so good while covered in sweat?! We guess that's just the glow of love!

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You're never too old to enjoy some karaoke!