Twitter has a habit of believing wild rumors just because they’re trending, and Monday night was no exception. A fan discovered that singer Jhene Aiko had unfollowed her boyfriend, rapper Big Sean, on Instagram and deleted some photos of them together from her feed, and fans started to assume the worst about their current relationship status. When the news hit the timeline, the accusations, assumptions, and theories began to spread. People thought the rapper might be cheating–while others thought the stunt was just a ploy to promote the follow up to their 2016 joint project, TWENTY88. Twitter quickly got a reality check when Aiko took to her timeline to dispel any rumors before they had time to catch on. “The internet is a wild place it’s a whole other reality. bless the internet. amen. sorry, but nothing about you guy’s fan fiction stories are true… I still love you tho,” she wrote. The rapper chimed in on his girlfriend’s tweet to second her sentiment and prove things are all good between them. Sorry Internet, it looks like you got it wrong this time. TOPICS: