Gabrielle Union Reveals Dwyane Wade’s Surprising Romance Secret
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Gabrielle Union’s popular TV character Mary Jane Paul may have a laundry list of love troubles on Being Mary Jane, but in real life, Union’s relationship with new husband Dwyane Wade couldn’t be better. They’re both on cloud nine and their romance is hotter than ever. You may be surprised to learn how the Wades keep things so happy at home.

In a recent interview, Union shared with PEOPLE that her husband is very creative when it comes to expressing his love to her – he pens romantic poems just for her.

“They’re about love and devotion and his feelings,” the actress told PEOPLE. “And they’re really impressive. Like, at first I thought he had a ghost writer.”

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The couple was visiting New York City for Valentine’s Day to participate in NBA All Star Weekend.

“She’s appreciative of how hard I work and loving goes a long way,” Wade, 33, told PEOPLE. “She’s in support of my career, my choices, and when you’re the man of the family sometimes you have to make choices and she supports me in them, good or bad, and that’s unmatched, so I’m appreciative.”

We love a man who isn’t afraid to open up and be vulnerable with and about the woman he loves.