9 Times Gabrielle Union And Dywane Wade Said The Sweetest Things To Each Other

This couple isn't shy about proclaiming their love.

Lauren Porter Aug, 30, 2017

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are one of Hollywood’s hottest couples and since saying “I Do” in 2014, these two don’t hold back on saying the cutest things about their love. 

1 of 9 John Parra

"He motivates me," Union told Entertainment Tonight. "I married a guy almost 10 years younger than me, and I assumed I would be the teacher, and here I am the pupil learning and being motivated by his work ethic…He inspires me."

2 of 9 Jason Carter Rinaldi

“She makes my eyes sparkle,” the Chicago Bulls star told Oprah. 

3 of 9 Alexander Tamargo

"If the goal is forever, what are we rushing for?," Gabby once said. 

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"I think we've both done that for each other," he told ESPN. "I get to see a different side of her no one else does and her insecurities, and she gets to know mine as well. We go out and are public figures, so we share that [with the world] but we don't share it all.... I think that's one of the things that drove me to be in a relationship with her and even get married.... I felt that she has been helping me be a better person."

5 of 9 Joe Scarnici

“I think the one thing is, we are imperfect, just like every couple in the world," said D-Wade. "We stick together through it all – through the great times, through the bad times. You can get behind love, and you can get behind someone who is not deemed as perfect, you know, ‘Okay, they make mistakes just like we make mistakes, and this is how they figure it out – they still love each other and they keep going the next day.’”

6 of 9 Christian Vierig

"It's everything. It's the hair — it's the big hair," said Dwyane of Gabby changing her look into one he loves. "You know my wife don’t normally go for the big hair. She’s been doing it lately, so you know it’s the whole thing."

7 of 9 Thaddaeus McAdams

“He’s my best friend. All we do is laugh when we’re together,” said Union.

8 of 9 Prince Williams

“He had wisdom that comes with facing an insane amount of adversity," said the actress of her leading man. "He's sweet, funny, honest about his shortcomings. When I put my preconceived notions to the side, I found someone cool.”

9 of 9 Johnny Nunez

"If you have good, effective, honest communication, you can handle any issue or problem in a relationship," the Being Mary Jane star said. "D is literally my best friend. We really, really enjoy spending time with each other more than anybody else. Well, with D, maybe I'm tied with LeBron! But I'm definitely his favorite female! If you have the chance to marry your best friend, I would highly recommend it."