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Gabrielle Union Spills What It's Like Being 'Sports Parents' With Husband Dwyane Wade

This blended family does not play when it comes to their kids' basketball games!

Any parent with a kid who plays sports knows what it’s like to wake up early on a Saturday morning to sit on the sidelines of your child’s games. You know what it’s like to see them give their all and then reap the benefits and you know what it’s like to see their team lose and watch them take it hard. You also know how frustrating it is to watch them not show up with their A-game.

Gabrielle Union and her husband Dwyane Wade know the feeling. 

In an interview on the latest episode of the Steve Harvey Show, the Being Mary Jane star said that she and her NBA star hubby are a particular kind of sports parents.

“When your child decides they aren’t going to give their full effort, you have to understand, me and Dwyane lose our minds,” she said. “We start off like, we’re just going to sit here [and] we’re not going to draw any attention to ourselves, this is really about the kids and then it turns into The Shining–‘what is happening?!'”

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With such busy schedules, the lovebirds have very little time for sleep, which makes it all the more painful for them to watch, says Union.

“You’re like I gave up what little bit of sleep I had and you’re not going to get on defense?!,” she joked. “We’re those parent’s who give like halftime lectures in the middle of the game. We’re those people!”

Check your local listings to catch Being Mary Jane star Gabrielle Union as she sits down on the Steve Harvey Show Tuesday, February 28 to talk marriage, parenting and more.