Why Devices Get Turned Off For Christmas At Gabrielle Union And Dwyane Wade’s Home

You can imagine that life can get pretty busy for Being Mary Jane star Gabrielle Union and her husband, NBA baller Dwyane Wade, especially during the holidays.

The actress, who is currently on set shooting the upcoming season of her hit show, took some time out of her own hectic schedule to tell us how she and Dwyane have discovered a way to give each other the perfect gift (which is togetherness!) every year.

Union says their family holiday dinner table talks keep every one informed and it’s important to how they spend time together throughout the season.

“Around the holidays, I strongly encourage everyone to actually have conversation, especially with people whose opinions differ than yours, with people who live differently than you do,” the Tylenol #HowWeFamily ambassador shared. “That’s the beauty of how we family, that it celebrates every kind of family, every incarnation of family. You don’t have to explain it, you don’t have to make excuses for it. That every family, and every family member deserves that the light shine brightly on them. Not just this time of year, but all year.”

When it comes to trading gifts, the Almost Christmas star shares that it’s not always about what she and her big, beautiful blended family swap but how. 

“My husband asked me, a couple days ago, what I wanted, and, you know, I hate telling him, ‘Oh, get me this. Get me that.’ Because, generally, if there’s something I really want badly, then, I’ll buy it myself throughout the year. I don’t wait until the end of the year. When I was realizing the things that I wanted, like, the things that I want, you can’t buy.”

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So this year, just as the Wades have done in years past, Gabby, Dwyane and their sons plan to put their phones on do not disturb, turn off all of their devices and share the days and nights with each other—that’s what Christmas is all about!

While spending quality time with their growing boys is definitely on their holiday list, their recent move to Chicago has them inspired to gift with the weather in mind.

“All he asked for was something warm. I get, what’s really, like, you know, we’re used to Miami winter you know, that like, when we’re in our pool, and it’s like, 75 degrees. So we’re a little chilly as a family. We’re not quite prepared. He asked for warm things. I’m trying to think outside the box with the warm things and discover new designers, and new sites that can offer warm winter fashion at reasonable prices.” and she added that aside from wanting copious amounts of sleep herself, ”Perhaps a great, fly, amazing winter coat that can make me feel delicious in the, the brutal Chicago weather” would do wonders for her too. 

We feel you Gabs. 

Don’t worry Union-Wade Christmas Card lovers, three—yes three—cards are dropping holiday 2K16 along with a video, which you can check out below!