Fantasia and Kendall Taylor will be celebrating their second wedding anniversary this summer, and the happy wife just can’t help but gush over her man’s love for her.

The singer is over the moon in love and shares her thoughts on marriage and relationships often on her social media.

This time, Fantasia made our hearts melt with her recent Instagram post on how her husband makes her feel:

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“I woke up this Morning So High off Love..
I’d be a fool to mess this up..
This Man has me so spoiled rotten that I sometimes have to pinch myself to see if I’m awake..
It’s not a Dream tho, it’s really true, I’m really Loved by you..”


Her dream come true took some time and Fantasia recently shared that she married herself before marrying Kendall to find that love.“I bought a ring and married myself. I married myself because I felt like before true love could come, I needed to learn how to love myself again,” she revealed on Harry. Fantasia’s past relationships lead her and prepared her for the happiness that she has now.