Stevie J dropped some major news during his “Breakfast Club” interview and most importantly confirmed that he is indeed in a relationship with the “First Lady of Bad Boy” Faith Evans.

Here’s what we know about their relationship (which everyone’s talking about right now) so far.

1. They’ve been best friends for 25 years 

During his “Breakfast Club” Interview, Stevie shared that he and Faith have known each other for quite some time having both been in the music industry since the 90s.

“I’ve known her for like 25 years,” he shared. “We was like family and then as years progressed, we just began to hang out more [and] talk more.”
2. They met during Faith’s Bad Boy Days and he once loaned her money. 
In the height of the Bad Boy era, Stevie worked as a mega porducer on some of the music empire’s tracks and even helped Faith out with a $75,000 check when she hit a financial rough patch.

“I wanted to purchase a house, I was renting this expensive apartment in the city and I wanted to buy me a house in South Jersey,” Faith shared with VLAD TV in October 2014. So I was waiting for my next advance for my record deal or my publishing deal which I knew was coming but I needed to come up with like $150,000 to put down on this house. And Stevie J was one of the two people who loaned me the $75,000 that I need to put down on that house. He always has a special place in my heart.”


3. They were on the road together for the Reunion Tour 
Throughout the Bad Boy Reunion Tour, Stevie and Faith were by each other’s side including during the headlining stop at ESSENCE Fest 2016. They both shared images from their time on the road and in the studio together. 

Music biz royalty. 20 years plus & God willing 20 years more. #DANGERZONE @mrlouisstewart

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Creating magic with legendary @therealfaithevans #DangerZone

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4. They are still in the “new” stages of their relationship.

While their friendship has been long lasting, Stevie and Faith are definitely still in the honeymoon stages of love, as he stated on “The Breakfast Club” interview.