Trai Byers is learning all too well that it’s okay to take an L sometimes, especially when your wife and mother are involved. The Empire star and his wife and co-star, Grace Byers, recently enjoyed a little family fun during a game night while visiting their loved ones. Grace showed off her card skills, while partnered with Trai’s mother they beat him at a games of spades and really enjoyed gloating. “Me + Mama. Two 10’s back to back. Then, there was more,” the Empire actress shared. Trai didn’t stay salty for long. During their visit to Kansas City, Kansas, the couple also enjoyed some quality time with the their nieces and nephews. The actor is from Kansas City and attended college there before furthering his education at the Yale School of Drama. The couple looks so comfortable holding their niece that we look forward to when they decide to expand their own family. Hint. hint, guys! TOPICS: