When TV personality Chandra “Deelishis” Davis of Flavor of Love fame married Raymond Santana Jr. of the Exonerated Five (the men whose convictions were vacated in the 1989 Central Park jogger case) in 2020, people had all sorts of reactions. However, many rooted for the couple, glad to see Santana find love and joy after all he’s been through. Not to mention, they seemed to have a lot of fun together, which they shared on social media.

But the happy ending people were hoping for seems to have taken a sour turn.

Followers of the couple began to notice that he was sharing videos and images on social media without his wedding band on. And then, on March 1, Davis shared an Instagram post with less than pleasant things to say about her husband.

In a since deleted message she wrote, “I married a narcissist who is a COMPLETE liar and a cheat and I’m finally ready to speak my truth…stay tuned. #GlovesOff”

She would go on to change that caption, replacing it with “Today I appear to be in myself but I’m not ALONE.”

Despite the deletion of her original statement, she shared messages from friends who defended and supported her after people criticized her for her post (and her unrecognizable appearance in it, to be honest).

“Y’all are wrong!!!!” said a woman whose message Davis reposted. “Her husband is what she says he is! She’s speaking the truth! Unfortunately, y’all want her to be the bad guy in this situation,” to which Davis replied, “Facts.”

Santana hasn’t responded to her statements, but he has shared a somewhat cryptic, ringless video with the caption, “Can I trust you?”

The last time she posted anything about Santana was around the holidays. Their blended family took part in a beautiful photo shoot and all seemed to be well between the couple.

The pair, who as mentioned, wed in June 2020, were initially introduced by Kandi Burruss. “Shout out my girl @kandi ..thank you for introducing me to my future @iamsodeelishis,” Santana wrote on Instagram in 2019 after their engagement. “I never got the chance to express my gratitude. So thank you.”

Burruss responded at the time by saying, “I’m glad that I was able to connect two beautiful people together! It makes me smile when I see y’all together. Congratulations to you.”

That Instagram post — and just about all posts on Santana’s page that featured Davis — has since been deleted.