Cynthia Bailey Explains Why She Chose Not To Bad-Mouth Ex Peter Thomas On 'RHOA'

When the Real Housewives of Atlanta producers tried to go low, Ms. Bailey went high.

Lauren Porter Apr, 05, 2017

Yes, Cynthia Bailey and her ex husband Peter Thomas went through a divorce on national TV on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but the reality star reveals she did everything in her power to keep the messiness at bay.

While speaking on a panel at the Sisters in Power event in Dallas, Bailey said she told producers early on that her divorce would be a part of her storyline in season 9 but the drama between she and her ex would not be, The YBF reports.

“When I decided that I was going to get divorced from Peter and the new season was beginning to tape, I went to the producers and said ‘I have a deal breaker. I’m going to be getting a divorce but I refuse to drag this Black man on national TV.'”

Peter and Cynthia’s road to the altar was chronicled in the early days of the hit Bravo reality series as well as their marital ups and downs after they tied the knot, leading to chronicling them eventually going their separate ways was the best option for their peace of mind.

“Sure our divorce wasn’t perfect, there were a lot of conditions, conversations & text messages. We said unthinkable things to each other, but I’ve always said that I’m going to leave this relationship with the same amount of respect, integrity and grace that I came into this marriage with,” she said with a mature outlook. 

Even though Cynthia wanted to take the high road at the end of her six year marriage to Thomas, the show’s producers had another idea about how their storyline should play out.

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“The producers would come to me and say ‘he may come for you and he may do this’, and I would tell them that I don’t give a damn what Peter does, he can go on Wendy Williams and do as many interviews as he wants, I know what I gave to this marriage and he knows what I gave to this marriage. One of the things I’m most proud of us going through this divorce and not making it a sh*t-show.”

Way to take a cue from former First Lady Michelle Obama– when the Real Housewives of Atlanta producers tried to go low, Ms. Bailey went high. Now go film that!

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[BLANK_AUDIO] In terms of Peter not knowing, Peter knew where we were headed. Mm-hm. Now, did he know that a interview that I had about my bag line where I was asked at the end, and how are things going with Peter, and I thought, we're moving forward to divorce. I didn't even realize that I had never said The divorce word at that time. So I kind of, unofficially I guess, put it out there. Okay. That was not my intention to do a press conference about it. It just came out. But certainly he knew where we were headed. It was the first time that it was just out there publicly where I said. So, he knew. You knew. [LAUGH] But you're saying you will never get married again. Why do you feel so [CROSSTALK] Alright I'm glad you ask me this question I wanna put this stress as well. When I first started going through my divorce process cause it is a process there's good days as bad days and there would just definitely times when I felt like, when I get out of this I'm done [LAUGH] I would never put myself to this like all the legal setting you have to go through Right. It just was like that sucked more than the break up did. Just going through the process. So with that said and done, I definitely was like I'm not getting married again. But then everybody got mad at me. [LAUGH] Including Steve Harvey who got me together. He was like, you can't say that. You can't say you're never gonna get married. You gotta get people hope, like, you're the kind of woman A man would wanna marry. Mm-hm. So I was like, okay, so now my choice is, now what I've decided is, I'm always looking for love. I mean, just because it didn't work out for Peter and I doesn't mean that I'm not looking for love. And if that love ends up being a marriage, then if that is God's will, then I will be married again, so I am open to whatever the future has for me. [BLANK_AUDIO]