Just when you thought you figured out Beyoncé, the Queen Bey and her camp sting again with news to burst your bubble. Turns out, her song “Love Drought” wasn’t about her husband Jay Z. Many speculated that there was trouble in paradise for the Grammy award-winning couple when Lemonade dropped back in April but fret not, rapper Ingrid–who helped co-write the track–cleared the air regarding who the lyrics were intentionally aimed for. In an interview with Genius, the Houston native and Parkwood Entertainment signee broke down what she was really thinking as she was writing about trust issues and relationship woes. The heartbreaking track was actually about two label heads at Parkwood. See All of Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ Tour Looks Beyoncé’s fellow third-ward member was angry and frustrated at those who were attempting to stunt her creative growth by telling her that Yonce wasn’t listening to any new music but they were highly mistaken because the Queen lends her ear to everything. “I wrote the song in like 30 minutes cause I just kept thinking as I was looping this track I couldn’t get out of my head that they just lied to me and I was just like ‘ten times out of nine, I know you lying but nine times out of ten, I know you trying.'” And just like that a banger was born. Ingrid goes on to say that the song actually becomes a metaphor for music and not about anything related to Bey and Jay’s marriage–sorry Beyhive haters. Watch Ingrid’s full explanation below. WANT MORE FROM ESSENCE? Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news.