These Famous Couples Take The Best Selfies Together

When you've found your soulmate, your selfies truly become picture perfect! These celebrity couples turn up when they turn the camera around.

Lauren Porter Jun, 07, 2017

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Whew! This is one flawless and photogenic couple.

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When you and bae can both rock flower crowns and look this flawless, you know it's real!

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Even when they are just leaving the gym, these two and their love is still oh-so photogenic!

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Snuggle Selfies? Yes!

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When you can look this happy in love, you know you've got a good thing!

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In anticipation of becoming parents to their baby boy Noah, these two lovebirds certainly were glowing!

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There's nothing like snapping a pic with your favorite lifetime partner-in-crime!

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Just a selfie sweetheart!

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When your man is still photogenic while sleeping you can't help but capture it!

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When you're on the beach with the man of your dreams, a selfie is required.

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If you can't capture a carefree selfie with bae after a great workout, can you call it love?

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Steph is one lucky guy, on and off the court!

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That feeling when love requires a quick flick while on the golf course!

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It's so great when sparks still fly between this husband and wife, you can tell by the twinkle in their eye!