Anthony Anderson and wife Alvina Anderson (née Stewart) seem to be going their separate ways after two children and 22 years of marriage.

According to TMZ, Alvina recently filed for divorce on Friday in Los Angeles. She is seeking spousal support and for the actor to pay her attorney’s fees. As mentioned, the couple have two children in daughter Kyra, 26, and son Nathan, 22, an actor himself, who appeared in the Netflix sitcom Richie Rich.

This isn’t the first time Alvina has filed for divorce. She attempted to end their marriage in 2015 after the couple was separated for a period of time. However, the couple decided to work things out and maintained a united front from that time on.

The Andersons have been red carpet mainstays for years, with Alvina standing out stunningly next to her husband. Click through for photos of them over the years and to see a timeline of their relationship.