Beyoncé Shares A Moment With Fan Who Recreated Her Bejeweled On The Run II Mask
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images
A member of the Beyhive had a moment with Beyoncé when the singer acknowledged the fan’s amazing DIY mask during the On The Run II Warsaw tour stop this weekend. Julia Czapkowska, 18, was the lucky Polish fan that got an incredible reaction after she wore a self-made mask similar to the famous black mask that Beyonce has been wearing during the tour. And all it took was fishnet tights, $1 plastic crystals, and a glue gun to recreate the look. Based on the video Czapkowska shared on her social media, Beyonce was all for it! She blew a kiss at her, indicating that she loved the mask.   “It felt unreal since I have been a fan of Beyoncé since “Sweet Dreams”, and she has always felt so unreachable,” she told Teen Vogue. “I knew that her site posts pictures of fans in her costumes sometimes, so I lowkey hoped for that. But Beyoncé herself not only smiling at me, but also blowing back a kiss and making a mask with her hands was totally unexpected.” Czapkowska obviously struggled to get a photo of the moment, but we’d be shook too!

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