<p>Take Our Coins! Beyoncé Is Selling A 'Lemonade' Book For $300 And We Have No Chill</p>

So, should we start a GoFundMe for this collector's box set, or what?


It was a little over a year ago when Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter changed our world and released the stunning visual album, Lemonade.

Done like none other, the Grammy Award-winning singer debuted the album with a HBO Melina Matsoukas short film that told a story of love, loss and redemption —beautifully strung together by the tracks on her album. It featured the Mothers of the Movement and was filmed throughout Louisiana, the birthplace of her mother. 

By the closing of the film the album was available for purchase.

Fast forward a year and a world tour later, Queen Bey — who’s happily expecting twins this summer — has another surprise for us. Tuesday morning, the singer announced her ‘How to Make Lemonade Box Set,’ a collector’s edition book and yellow coated album. 

The 600-page book includes visuals from the short film and her Formation World Tour that took her everywhere from Los Angeles to Spain. It also features a forward from Dr. Michael Eric Dyson with poetry by Warsan Shire. And Beyoncé’s personal writing and lyrics are interwoven throughout the book.

And all of this goodness for just $300! A little expensive, but who can put a price on life lessons from the queen? We’ll be in formation (after collecting the coin) for this one.