We Are All Beyoncé Sitting Courtside And Eating Chips From Her Purse

Well, it wasn't just any ol' purse, but a $1790 Gucci bag. 

Sydney Scott May, 01, 2017

There’s no greater proof that Beyoncé and Jay Z are just like us than the couple’s recent courtside date at a Clipper’s game. 

The couple has been spotted courtside before, most recently with their daughter Blue Ivy at 2017’s NBA All Star Game, but this time it was just the two of them and things were super casual.

1 of 6 Kevork Djansezian

Two icons in the same arena?!

2 of 6 Kevork Djansezian

Maybe Dylan plans to follow in his father's footsteps and is offering to produce an album for Beyoncé or maybe they're just chatting about the game, who knows?! Hopefully, it's the former.

3 of 6 Sean M. Haffey

Bey looked unenthused, but that's because she had more important things to think about.

4 of 6 ION

This bag of chips that Beyoncé pulls out of her nearly $1800 Gucci bag. Your faves could never.

5 of 6 Andrew D. Bernstein

It's a very exciting game.

6 of 6 Andrew D. Bernstein

Beyoncé and Jay Z, they're just like you and me. They bring their own snacks to events and look good doing it.