<p>The Internet Seems To Think That Beyoncé Is In Labor And Honestly, We're So Ready</p>

This is not a drill...or is it?


The countdown is on for Beyoncé to give birth to the Carter twins and the internet has a sneaky suspicion that the time has come. 

After celebrity hair stylist Chuck Amos posted a photo of Beyoncé with the caption,“Hang in there, Mama!,” Twitter has proven to have no chill, speculating that the international superstar and icon will soon be a mother to three.

Hang in there, Mama! 💛 You @Beyonce!!

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The internet couldn’t handle the possibility that the world would soon be blessed with two more of Yoncé and husband Jay Z’s offspring. And needless to say, fans went into full panic mode. 

While the news of Beyoncé being in labor is pure speculation, the timing would make sense that the babies are indeed on their way. 

Our fingers are crossed that the twins will make their grand debut into the world any day now!