Beyoncé Gucci X Balenciaga Ensemble Shows Us What Money Looks Like

Bling! Bling! Beyoncé shows us that she’s not afraid to flex her billionaire status with her latest ensemble. One could only wonder and dream what her closet looks like as we’re sure nothing is really unattainable when you’ve reached the heights she has. Although we can’t say we’ve ever had a peek at it ourselves, we’re sure it’s fashion heaven, especially after seeing her add some literal sparkle to our Instagram timelines.

For Beyoncé’s most recent look, we’re imagining the inspiration was to look like a walking diamond, and best believe she hit the nail on the head. She was covered in full silver that twinkled like real diamonds do. The international superstar was wearing Look 43 from the collaborative runway collection designed by Gucci and Balenciaga, which embodied flashiness to the fullest. Her silver blazer, silver tights and silver gloves were all branded with the brands’ logos, and her chained handbag that appeared to be the shape of a literal heart carried the silver theme through. Since Bey started working with her new stylist KJ Moody, campy handbags have become a staple in her wardrobe, and we can’t say we’re mad at that.

It’s not completely clear where Mrs. Carter was headed in her uber expensive outfit, but from what we can gather, it looks like another date night in motion with her hubby, HOV. However, a night out in the town with two billionaires is probably just as lavish, so looking like money is always the appropriate dress code.


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