So This Is Why Beyoncé's 'Daddy Lessons' Wasn't Nominated In The Grammy's Country Category 

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While everyone else enjoyed the song, the Record Academy's country committee wasn't here for it.

Sydney Scott Dec, 08, 2016

Many were surprised that Beyoncé’s “Daddy Lessons” was snubbed for a country music Grammy nomination and wondered why the song was locked out. Well, it turns out the Grammy Awards’ country music committee rejected it. 

A source familiar with the Academy told the Associated Press that they were not allowed to speak publicly about the issue, but confirmed the committee’s decision.

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“Daddy Lessons” was a hit with fans and some of country music’s biggest stars. Dierks Bentley told the AP, “There is just something intangible about it that it feels like a country song.” The Dixie Chicks even teamed up with Beyoncé to perform the upbeat track during the CMA Awards.

Fear not: Beyoncé still snagged nine nominations in the rock, pop, rap and R&B categories, also landing the big three: Record of the Year, Album of the Year, and Song of the Year. She’s now officially the most nominated woman in Grammy history.

So, while “Daddy Lessons” may not have gotten the recognition it deserved, Bey has much to look forward to.