Beyhive Unite! Here Are The Celebrities Who Came Out To Support Beyoncé At Coachella

Raven Varona

Essence Apr, 24, 2018

In the span of two weekends, Beyoncé captivated Coachella audiences — both on-site in Indio C.A. and at home on YouTube — with her now iconic set of performances.

To say she slayed, might be an understatement: she broke records, arguably gave us the Blackest live performance for a mainstream audience on record. Oh and not only did she perform her now iconic set once, but she did it twice…and with a completely different wardrobe

And while there was much action happening on stage, there was also a lot happening in the audience: a number of celebrity fans came out to dance and celebrate Beychella. Celebs, they’re just like us.

Ahead check out a few of the familiar faces who came out to see Beyoncé.

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Jennifer Hudson cozies up with Bey’s mom, Tina Knowles, also known as the auntie of Instagram.

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It’s a family affair: Beyoncé ’s stepsister and Queen Sugar star, Bianca Lawson, hangs out with Oscar-winning legend Octavia Spencer, Tina Knowles, Richard Lawson, Landon Lawson and Alan Ferguson.

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Tyler Perry, "mama Tina" and Octavia Spencer hang out. 

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Not only did Octavia Spencer kick it with the Knowles-Lawson family, she also caught up with Beyoncé.

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Grown-ish stars (and Beyoncé's protégés) Chloe and Halle Bailey smile widely with their mentor.

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Gabrielle Union let her Beychella flag fly, calling out the '"woman of the evening" on Instagram, saying, “all hail the queen."

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Eniko Hart also attended with a crew. See any familiar faces?

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"OTW 2 See Bey, Kelly & Michelle Make History,” said Ciara on Instagram. “Girls rule.”