8 Photos of Beyonce and Blue Ivy at the VMAs Just Because

We can't get enough of Beyonce and Blue! The Carter women had a mommy-daughter date to the VMAS this year, arriving on the white carpet in a blur of pastels, tulle and fur. Clearly, we loved every second. 

Joslyn Winkfield Aug, 29, 2016

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The mommy daughter duo pose for a photo opp before heading to the awards.

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Princess Blue approves her look before going out.

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This birds eye view shows the Carter girls in all their glory.

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The duo faces the droves of press and paparazzi.

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The pair pose on the red carpet.

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Looks like Beyonce may be giving princess Blue some photo taking tips!

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A train perfect for pop royalty.

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That face! Those accessories! **ten heart emojiis**