Baby Future Calls Russell ‘Papa,’ Twitter Overreacts
Kevin Mazur/WireImage
Yesterday, Twitter lost it over a video of Russell Wilson getting a haircut and Baby Future calling him “papa.” During a Facebook Live stream, Ciara filmed her two favorite guys hanging out. At one point, baby Future says to Russell, “Papa kiss,” and it’s really adorable. But, of course, Twitter had feelings. There were some people who believed that Ciara allowing baby Future to call Russell “papa” was out of line. But there were many who didn’t see a problem. Just because Future is baby Future’s biological father doesn’t mean he’s father material, and there are court documents that show that. Russell has been in baby Future’s life for quite a while and treats him as if he were his own. If Ciara doesn’t have a problem with it and their home is happy, then why should it bother anyone else?

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