Azealia Banks Breaks Down In Tears While Telling Her Side Of The Story About Russell Crowe Incident

Azealia Banks is speaking out to tell her full side of the story about the bizarre incident that found her at the center of a physical confrontation with actor Russell Crowe earlier this month.

Banks was reportedly attending an intimate gathering in Crowe’s Beverly Hills hotel suite as a guest of their mutual friend, rapper and filmmaker RZA, when a heated encounter between the two ultimately led to Crowe removing Banks from the party himself before calling security. According to Banks, Crowe “spat on” her, “choked” her and called her the n-word during the course of the incident. Crowe’s attorney, RZA and several other witnesses who were in attendance at the gathering have since come forward to partly corroborate Crowe’s version of the events, insisting that Banks’ behavior was rude and out of order. Witnesses also maintain that Crowe only grabbed Banks’ “bearhug” style to remove her from the party after she began loudly insulting his music selection and allegedly threatened to cut another female guest with a glass. 

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During a recent appearance on Access Hollywood, Banks was moved to tears as she gave her full side of the story for the first time. Among other things, she says she was skeptical of the hotel claiming that they didn’t have any footage of the incident and was also hurt by the public’s perception that she is to blame for what happened.  Watch the revealing sit down in full below.



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