Everyone has a a look-a-like somewhere in the world and over the weekend Twitter found Ayesha Curry’s!  

But, instead of the spotlight being on Amanda Parker for her stunning resemblance to the well-known cooking queen, wife and mother, the commentary was instead based around her size.

One user posted a photo of the 22-year-old with the caption, “AyEATcha Curry.” 

The photo went viral fast, and of course, made its way to Parker’s timeline the same day. She told ESSENCE that upon seeing it for the first time, she was disheartened.

“I was a bit discouraged when I saw the post, and initially I was going to ignore it,” Parker recalls, but instead she decided to respond to the tweet with a healthy dose of sass and shade.

Twitter users then rallied around Parker and refused to back down when it came to holding the initial poster accountable. Seeing the overwhelming social response made Parker feel much better about her photo going viral.

“I saw the negative feedback he [the original poster] was getting and decided to stand up not only for myself but women of all sizes,” she added. 

Since the photo went viral, with Parker’s clapback having been shared over 20,000 times, many celebs and even Curry herself have reached out to Parker to offer words of encouragement.

“I feel overwhelmed with the positive feedback from people like Ayesha Curry, Monica Brown, and Wayne Brady,” says Parker. “God is amazing! It’s nice to know that standing up for yourself against cyber bullying doesn’t go unnoticed.”

The Milwaukee native proudly flaunts her full figure and has been told that she favors Curry before and it’s a compliment she takes in stride. 


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“I do hear often that I look like Ayesha Curry, and it’s always taken as a compliment,” Parker adds. “She’s beautiful, and she’s someone I look up to [for being] positive role model to all young women. It was a blessing for her to recognize me.”

Now that’s Black girl magic.