Steph and Ayesha Curry continue to give the internet back-to-back family goals!

They have thriving careers, a grounded relationship centered around God and a beautiful growing family. The Currys continue to show us that healthy relationships can exist in the midst of extreme fame.

Just last week, Ayesha gave birth to their son, Canon W. Jack Curry, bringing the total to three children in the Curry household. They’re also proud parents to daugther Riley Curry, 5, and and Ryan Carson Curry, 3. They often express the love and adoration they have for their children and are both active parents in their young lives.

Already having two young girls, Ayesha finally has another man in her life aside from her husband, and she captured this photo to share her excitement.

“The two men in my life enjoying a little Golf Channel. Swoon. I know @stephencurry30
 can’t wait to get this little guy out on the course. UNTIL THEN… we wish you good luck this weekend in Tahoe dada!!! Hit em straight. “Get in the hole!”  #CanonCurry

It’ll be a few years before we see Canon and his dad, who is a star player for the Golden State Warriors, take part in some father-son golf course or basketball court bonding, but until then Steph will hold down the fort for the both of them. This weekend, Steph is set to play in the Celebrity Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe, so it looks like Ayesha will be the one on mommy duty!


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