Auntie Duties: Zendaya Styles Her Niece’s Hair

Zendaya’s niece is one lucky young lady. Sure, it’s pretty awesome to have your aunt brush your hair, but it’s another to have an auntie who serves as the celebrity ambassador for Chi hair care style your hair. Earlier today, Zendaya posted a photo of herself styling her niece’s hair and eloquently phrased the task: “Auntie Daya duties”

“Auntie Daya duties, washing sheets, forcing them to talk to me about their life (cause I’m supposed to be the cool auntie), do their hair…the usual @chihaircare #realisbeautiful,” she captioned.

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Through the years, the 19-year-old has been known to encourage women of all ages to embrace their flaws and be themselves. “Know that it’s okay to be in love with yourself,” she was quoted saying to several beauty editors. “Once you love yourself it won’t matter what others think of you. Be infatuated with yourself. Be cocky. Just make sure you love yourself before you love anything or anyone else.”

Did you have a cool auntie as a child? Do you style your relatives hair?