Anita Baker Is Blessing Us With A Farewell Tour
Harry Langdon/Getty Images

Anita Baker is coming back!

In 2017, after 30 years in the game, the eight-time Grammy winner announced her retirement. Saddened by the news, most of us just redirected our entertainment funds to Netflix, Black Card Revoked and Beyoncé concerts. But in a recent Twitter post, Baker let it be known that we have another reason to rejoice in the new year.

“So much to celebrate with you in 2018, she said. “60th birthday in 25 days… farewell concert series beginning in March. We’ll paint pictures together two last a lifetime… let’s party!”

Baker is known for hits such as “Caught Up In The Rapture Of Love,” “Fairytales” and “I Apologize.” She’s also been a muse to many artists, including Andre 3000 who mentioned wanting to do a t-shirt collection with her in a recent GQ article

“I was going through an Anita Baker phase, and I started trying to buy a T-shirt,” the Outkast rapper said. “So I go on the Internet and I find this site that had shirts with photos of Anita on them. So I bought two or three of them. Then when I got ’em in the mail, they were like—the part of the shirt where the picture was printed on there was so hard.”

Baker responded by saying she planned to talk to Andre.

So maybe, just maybe, we’ll get a tour and t-shirt collection from Baker in 2018.