Angela Simmons Shows Her Baby Boy How To Kick Butt During Boxing Workout

A regular workout session turned into mommy-son fun when Angela Simmons‘ little one Sutton Joseph joined in. 

Simmons was in the middle of a boxing workout when Sutton woke up from his nap. Instead of halting the workout, Simmons brought Sutton in for the fun. 

In a post shared on Instagram, Sutton sits on his mommy’s hip as she finishes up her workout, “So we started the workout while SJ was sleep . And he woke up mid boxing … so we had to change it up!! He wouldn’t let me put him down, so that meant I got to carry an extra 25 pounds while I box.”

Simmons’ Instagram is full of inspiring fitness videos with her trainers Jeff and Coach Nelson sometimes making appearances. 

Sutton, of course, regularly pops up on the ‘gram. The little one recently showed off his bouncing skills in a video Simmons shared with fans. And, had a little fun with mommy during a selfie session.

Maybe we’ll see more of Simmons and Sutton enjoying a mommy-son workout session in the future. 

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