Someone Write An Angela Davis Biopic For Halle Berry ASAP
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ESSENCE Fest is underway and it is totally lit!

Kicking off things on the empowerent stage, Halle Berry sat down with ESSENCE editor-in-chief Vanessa K. De Luca for a chat about her upcoming film Kidnap, in which she plays a mother on a chase to rescuse her kidnapped son. She also dished on her years in Hollywood and being a mother.

Throughout the discussion Berry championed Black women telling their stories and stepping behind the camera to bring diversity to Hollywood. She also revealed that one person she’d like to portray onscreen is Angela Davis.

“There’s one woman that I’d really like to play before I die and I’m not so sure it’s going to happen,” said Berry, citing age as the reason it might not be possible. “I’d really love to play Angela Davis.”

She went on to cite Davis’ strength and story as something inspirational that should be brought to the big screen. 

We definitely agree that a Angela Davis biopic needs to be made ASAP, however, we don’t agree with Berry that she’s getting too old. The ageless beauty could definitely play the role. 

Berry’s Kidnap hits theaters August 4.