Angela Bassett to New Actors: You Can’t Do This If You’re Afraid of Rejection
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Actress and director Angela Bassett has had quite a year. On top of pulling in several nominations (she’s up for an Emmy this month) for her role in American Horror Story: Coven, she’s also directing the highly-anticipated Whitney Houston biopic on Lifetime.

The 55-year-old credits her longevity to stadying her craft and not being a afraid hearing “no” in Hollywood. “You can’t be in this industry if you’re afraid of a little rejection,” she told beauty insider magazine, Violet Grey.

Asked what advice she’d give younge actors, Bassett said, “You have to study your craft.”

“Actresses make it look easy because that’s the way it should look—effortless,” she added. “When a great actor does their job they’re leaving a piece of their soul in the room. It takes a little out of you, but that’s okay. Life will take a little out of you, love will take a little out of you. We’re talking about demonstrating the best and worst of the human experience.”

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