An Andre 3000 fan got the shock of her life when she randomly ran into the Outkast rapper Wednesday on a New York City street. But the “Hey Ya!” rapper also had his own shock once he realized that the fan, Twitter user @itsTiana, was wearing a t-shirt with his face on it. Tiana tweeted that she was walking down a street in the Soho neighborhood of New York City when the rapper himself walked out of a coffee sh “Walking down a silent block in Soho – Andre 3k (my mf hero) walks out of a coffee shop as I’m passing,” she captioned a photo of herself with the star. “Oh my God you’re on my shirt [right now],” she told him, adding that he seemed just as excited by the coincidence. In another tweet, Tiana said he also took photos of her posing in the t-shirt by the brand ALMGHT. “His energy was absolutely amazing though,” she added. “I just wish I could explain the pause I took as he floated out of the damn coffee shop on this calm ass street lol.” TOPICS: