Amber Rose’s son is a lady’s man at just 5 years old. So the model opened up recently about teaching her affectionate son about consent. “My son is girl-crazy,” she told Us Weekly about her child, Sebastian, with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa. “I didn’t like boys until I was 14. I’m like, ‘You’re 5!’ He’s a lot like his daddy.” Rose said that Sebastian, who started pre-school this year, is affectionate because his parents raised him that way. “We kiss him all day, we hug him all day, we show him a lot of love,” she explained. “We’re a very loving family … and I grew up very Italian, culturally, so we kiss everyone on the cheek when we greet people.” But when Sebastian carried that behavior over to school — he would kiss the girls on the lips when saying good morning — Rose knew it might be time to talk to her little boy about boundaries. As the founder of the annual SlutWalk, which returns to Los Angeles on October 6, Rose knows the importance of teaching consent and wants her son to respect girls from an early age. “I’m like, ‘Honey, I know we kiss you all the time and stuff like that, but you have to ask permission and they have to say yes, and if they say no, you can’t kiss them, baby,’” she explained. “I’m already teaching him consent at 5 years old!” Kudos to you, Rose. It’s never too early to start these lessons!