Amber Rose Wants To See More Women Owning Their Sexuality
Prince Williams/

It seems no matter what Amber Rose does she makes waves, but the television personality and model isn’t cowering from her position in the spotlight, she’s using it to encourage women to embrace their sexuality.

Speaking with ESSENCE, Rose dished on how she’d like to see women and society progress when it comes to sex.

“It’s okay to have sex, it’s okay to date people, it’s okay to own your sexuality and not apologize for it,” Rose said. “You don’t have to be like ‘No, I didn’t do this’ or ‘No, it wasn’t like that.’ Just say, ‘Yeah, I did. So what?!'”

Rose’s Annual Slutwalk kicks off Sept. 29, the third Slutwalk the model has held highlighting the ways in which women are slut-shamed. This year, the event will also host the OPENed Women’s Conference, which will feature various panels and speakers, including Debbie Allen.

Rose, who has a child, Sebastian, with rapper Wiz Khalifa, also touched on sexuality in motherhood, a conversation that’s often overlooked or lambasted.

“It’s horrible,” Rose said about the way motherhood and sexuality are viewed. “I’m a human being, I’m a sexual being and that’s okay. And, I’m a mother and that’s okay. Owning it, you give other women confidence to be like, ‘She’s right.’ I made a conscious decision to make my own decisions in my own life and my own sex life.”

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