Amber Rose Reveals Why She Defended Kim Kardashian Despite Disliking Kanye
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A lot of people have been wondering why Amber Rose came to the defense of Kim Kardashian after the reality TV star posted a naked selfie on Instagram and ignited a huge meltdown across the Internet.

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Amber has had her fair share of drama with Kim’s husband, Kanye West, and her sister, Khloe. However, for Amber, coming to Kim’s defense wasn’t a big deal. She told Complex,

“I feel like people make a big deal about it because it’s me and Kim, but I really would have done it for anybody. I’m not just a feminist when someone is super famous, I’m a feminist every single day of my life and that’s my passion and that’s what I do. I just thought it was fucked up and I felt like I needed to say something regardless of our past and the fact that I dated her husband, five years ago, six years ago, it really does not matter. You just have to do what’s right and I did.”

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Rose added, “Kim is her own person, they’re not one person together, she’s her own being. As far as Kim goes, I met her. I think she’s a wonderful person, I think she’s a great mom and that has nothing to do with her husband.”

She also touched on her feelings about Kanye during her brief interview. The mom and author admitted that she doesn’t really care for West and probably never will after recent comments made about her child, but she is willing to be the bigger person and move on.

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“I forgave him for an apology I never received because I’m a bigger person and I let s**t go to move on with my life and even be a positive person. I never received an apology from him for his 30 showers comment, so for him to come out even further and talk about my son and that Wiz got trapped by a stripper and all this negative s**t, it was really unfortunate. You never ever talk about someone’s baby. I still don’t like him as a person, I probably never will, but it’s really irrelevant because me and him, we have absolutely no relationship and it doesn’t even matter.”

You have to admire Amber for not only being able to move on after such disgusting comments, but defend the wife of a man she hates. That’s not something  a lot of people would do.

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