Amber Rose Delivers Epic Clapback To Trolls Bashing Her Son
Bryan Steffy/WireImage

A mother’s love and protection is unmatched, especially when it concerns Internet trolls. 

Amber Rose, who is no stranger to putting detractors in their place, did just that following a series of disrespectful comments under a photo of her son, Sebastian Thomaz, adorably rocking one of her wigs. 

Amber Rose Is Slaying the Late Night Hair Game

“Lol of course Sebastian had to be a spooky zombie in Mommy’s wig today,” reads the caption under this endearing shot of “Bash” playing dress-up. 

What should’ve be seen as a heartwarming moment between mother and son was taken completely out of context and turned into a conversation about whether the wig would “turn him gay.” 

Instead of ignoring the foolish commentary, Amber used this as an opportunity to respond with a quick lesson on the relationship between how one wears their hair and sexuality. In short: there is none. 

“Wow, you people are so smart huh? Putting on a wig is gonna make a baby gay,” reads a screenshot of the clapback on The Shade Room. 

“Straight guys, do yourselves a favor…Put on a wig and see if ur turned on by another man…I”ll wait. And ladies seriously grow the f**k up and educate yourselves.” 

She concludes with a quick reminder that “sexual orientation has nothing to do with how people dress” and simple, but smart advice: read a book. 

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