Amber Rose Breast Reduction Surgery Results
Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Amber Rose is recovering from breast reduction surgery and is excited about the future.

The model shared on Instagram last Tuesday that she’d be undergoing an operation to downsize her H-cup breast size with the help of Dr. Garth Fisher. “I’m really excited about spaghetti straps,” Rose said in a video with Fisher. “I was probably like ten years old [when I last wore them]. I’m so excited.”

Now, less than a week into recovery, the 34-year-old is sharing the results of her operation.

#PressPlay: #AmberRose shows off the results of her recent breast reduction

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“Ok, so here they are,” Rose says as she exposes her chest in a supportive bra. “Look how much smaller they are.”

Adding, “I really went down a lot. I don’t know if you guys know, I was like a 36H. I was really, really big. And I think now I might actually be a D-cup, which is really small for me. So y’all, I’ve been online shopping and getting cute little shirts and little strapless things.”

Rose recovered at the Pearl Recovery Retreat in Los Angeles.

“Breast reduction surgery has one of the highest satisfaction rates among all plastic surgery procedures because of the immediate improvement in lifestyle,” Dr. Matthew Schulman told Women’s Health magazine. “Women are able to be more active, live pain-free, and have an improved quality of life.”

And there’s no doubt that Rose is ready for a pain-free lifestyle.