Amber Rose Believes Black Women And The LGBTQ Community Are Being Left Out Of The #MeToo Movement
Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

As the #MeToo movement takes center stage in Hollywood, Amber Rose is speaking out about the voices we haven’t heard yet

Via The Shade Room, Rose appeared on The Raw Word where said she feels strippers, the LGBTQ community, and Black women are being left out of the conversation. 

“It’s kind of very frustrating to me, because all of a sudden, feminism became such a mainstream thing, now white… no shade, white rich actresses start coming out and saying, “Me too, me too,'” Rose told Dyson. 

Rose has been open about her own experiences with sexual assault. In 2016, she told Rev Run and Tyrese that she is “sexually assaulted constantly.” “When I walk down the street, people think because I’m famous or I’m cool, and I’m like taking pictures, that they can just grab my ass or put their hand under my skirt.”

Rose went on to list the marginalized voices that she believes are not being heard, adding that Black women still face issues when it comes to equal pay.

“What happened to all of us?” she told Dyson. “What happened to the strippers, and the LGBTQ community? And the black girls in college… Like, you know, no one wanted to talk about these people. And now, all of a sudden… Going past that, even, like, black women don’t even make half as much as white women in movies.”

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