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Amara La Negra Says Joining 'Love & Hip Hop' Was An Opportunity To Talk About Colorism

ESSENCE spoke to La Negra about beauty and fashion during a behind-the-scenes video for her profile in the magazine.
TV personality and singer Amara La Negra has always been open when it comes to discussing race and colorism. And, in this behind-the-scenes video for her ESSENCE photo shoot, La Negra explains that one of the reasons she joined Love & Hip Hop: Miami is to show that beauty in the Afro-Latinx community comes in many shades. “Some Afro-Latinos have the mentality of one of the cast members who said I need to be less Macy Gray and more Beyoncé. That my Afro wasn’t elegant,” La Negra tells ESSENCE. “And it just gives [me] the opportunity to put light on an issue that’s been there for many years. I was also able to see a lot of people discuss the racism and colorism issues in their community as well.” The TV personality is also pretty frank about another reason why she joined the series: She wanted to make a name for herself in the U.S. “When I first decided to do Love & Hip Hop, I had no expectations,” she says. “I was just honored and happy to know that I was going to be on American TV. If the people in America know you, that means you’re poppin’. I wanted to be able to showcase my music and who I was as a person.” La Negra has certainly done that as the breakout star of the show’s Miami franchise, and with her openness about discussing colorism and race, we’re sure she’ll achieve a lot more. TOPICS: