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Amanda Seales Really Wants People To Get A Passport Instead Of Buying Sneakers


Amanda Seales sent out a series of tweets early Monday morning that stirred up a heated discussion about race, economics and privilege. While traveling to Paris, the Insecure actress was waxing poetic about the joys of traveling abroad when she shared her opinion on priorities.

“If you’re buying Jordans and Nike Suits but you don’t have a passport, you’re losing,” she said. “If you’re buying Jordans and Nike Suits but you don’t have a credit card, you’re losing.”




The 36-year-old also had more positive opinions saying, “If you’re working a side hustle to support your dream hustle, you’re winning.”

Black Twitter immediately picked up on her statements and shared their perspective on “winning” versus “losing.”

“I love Amanda, but I hate when people dictate how poor people should be poor with no psychological analysis *or* analysis on economic or property access,” writer, Myles E. Johnson said.

“The intention behind statements like this don’t make them any less classist,” said writer, Juliana Pache who then broke down the cost of traveling versus getting Nike Jordans.

There were also people that agreed with Seales.

“Life experiences > material things. I don’t understand why some don’t get this,” said a D’artanian de Adonis‏.

“Investing in yourself and your own future and your own financial stability but instead ensuring someone else’s pockets isn’t smart,” said Youtube personality Tonii Alexis.

According to a Hostelworld Global Traveler Report report, almost 29 percent of American adults have never been abroad with 71 percent saying they couldn’t afford to leave the country. But the intrinsic intellectual, social, mental and even health benefits of seeing other places on the globe is undebatable. 

So in a sense, Seales is right, but the delivery is harsh— and probably should consider access. Nonetheless, she shut down the conversation with a final tweet on the subject.

“Now, since y’all wanna say I’m boughie, lemme head to this Eiffel Tower for dinner,” adding, “Again, my overall point was that folks b flossin bullshit but ignoring real shit and there are no wins in that game.”

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