Amanda Seales has long been open about her love-hate relationship with Hollywood. The actress revealed Friday that the unique pressures that come with Tinsel Town resulted in her suffering a nervous breakdown back in March.

Seales said during a wide-ranging interview with The Breakfast Club Friday that her breakdown came after realizing many people misunderstood her and because of that she felt she’s “always going to struggle.”

“At the end of the day I had started to believe what [critics] made up about me,” she continued. “If you’re not careful, you’ll let the people who know you least tell [you about yourself.]”

Thankfully, the Insecure star turned to therapy and other methods such as boxing and reiki (or energy healing) to get her mind and body back on track.

The stand-up comedian said her new wellness routine allowed herself to “be open to whatever the possibilities are to be healthy and well.”

Seales has been in the headlines for the past with a few eyebrow-raising incidents. Back in 2019, she was open about being kicked out of a party held around the Emmy Awards for Black Hollywood. Afterwards, she was even critiqued by fellow Insecure actor Sarunas Jackson for her on- and off-set attitude. Other costars, such as Jay Ellis, however, came to her defense.

Amanda Seales, host of Small Doses with Amanda Seales podcast

She also recently left her daytime talk show gig on The Real after six months, complaining about lack of Black leadership behind-the-scenes.

Still, Seales is winning by all accounts. Her HBO stand-up comedy special, I Be Knowin’, premiered last year to rave reviews and she hosted the BET Awards last month. She also got huge kudos for pulling off the feat in the middle of a pandemic.


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